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Why Businesses Should Consider the Idem Key for Remote Workers

Managing a remote team is a struggle in itself, but making sure everyone is on track in the midst of the current health crisis adds an extra layer of stress. As such, it sends even the best-trained managers out on a loop. In order to best manage your team during this tough time, it's important to rely on the right tools that helps everyone stay productive.

This is where Idem Keys comes in. It's no secret that businesses need to adopt two-factor authentication solutions to move forward, as Security Boulevard reports that they protect against over 96% of bulk phishing attempts. This is especially vital since cyber attacks have been on the rise. For those who are looking to adopt innovative security solutions, below are three key benefits of Idem Keys for remote workers.

Quick implementation

Remote work requires employees to be flexible when it comes to adopting new technologies. Tech Radar estimates that two-thirds of full-time remote workers have experience in adopting collaboration tools to help with their new remote system. However, it's equally important for managers to make sure employees are on board with any new tech adoption plans. Tools that take time to implement can be a huge turn-off for employees, especially as they're probably dealing with many tasks on their own time while working remotely. Thankfully Idem Keys are easy to implement, with all major web apps, including Facebook and Google, supporting this FIDO2 authentication. This will allow employees to safely secure their laptop wherever they are and without any added hassle.

Works across several apps and sites

You can’t regulate the sites, programs, and apps your remote workers use, so it’s important to provide security options that will protect sensitive data. After all, Maryville University suggests that academics with a degree in computer science as well as trained professionals who’ve been working in the industry for years, have begun to recognize the dangers of how today’s networks are closely intertwined, from our Wi-Fi connections down to our cellular communication. This is why a company must take on the responsibility of protecting these pathways. Especially since a study by VMWare Carbon Black found that ransomware attacks have increased by 148 percent as of mid-April, coinciding with the rise of remote work. As such, remote workers can use Idem Keys to access sensitive information through either plugging into a computer or even just tapping it on a phone. This will protect your employees, as they will be able to browse safely online and use multiple programs and apps without fear of compromising your company’s security.

Portable and easy to store

As noted by the Mississippi Business Journal, two-factor authentication works best when the end user has some sort of physical token on them. Most 2FA solutions rely on mobile apps, which operates on the assumption that users have their phone with them at all times. Mobile phones are susceptible to damage or theft: as such, it's important that your 2FA solution is available to you even when your phone isn't. The Idem Key is a USB key that can easily be attached to your keys, and works without the need for batteries. The device is also waterproof. All in all, the Idem Key was designed for maximum portability, ensuring safe work wherever your team members are.

Remote work is set to be a key business component even after this crisis tides over, which is why it's so important to keep your employees secure. And one of the most effective ways is through using an Idem Key.


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