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Inside Microsoft’s Biometrics Security System

It’s a known fact that to log in to Windows it is necessary to use a username and a password. Or without a password, if we don't mind jeopardizing our data. However, with the arrival of Windows 10, things have changed, and instead of creating local users, the system uses our Microsoft Account, with its password, to create the user and log in to our computer. Using a quick and easy password can jeopardize our account, while a strong password is tedious to type every time we log in. This is where Windows Hello comes into play.

Enter Windows Hello

Windows Hello is the Windows 10 biometric recognition platform. By biometric recognition, we mean that it can verify your identity automatically using a personal feature of yours, so you do not need to use a password or PIN but instead you use your body. Windows Hello can implement different recognition methods depending on the hardware you have on your computer. If you have an infrared camera, you can configure its facial recognition system and if you have a keyboard with a fingerprint sensor, you can use this fingerprint to log in.

In the case of facial recognition, Windows will use the infrared of your webcam to illuminate your face and take a detailed image of it. This image is stored on your computer and compares it to a new face scanner when you log in to make sure it's you. In addition to logging in, Windows Hello facial recognition can also be used in a collection of third-party applications that support it. Cloud applications like Dropbox or OneDrive, as well as password managers, allow you to log in with your face without using a password. It also serves to protect your purchases in the Windows 10 app store.

Clearly, comfort and ease of use should never sacrifice safety and privacy, that's why Windows Hello provides corporate security that meets the needs of the most demanding companies. It is a solution that governments, defense bodies, financial institutions, health institutions and other organizations can implement when security is on the agenda.


Windows Hello is available from the first version of Windows 10, although at first, it was only available for the United States. With the following updates of the operating system, this function reached other users until, today, 100% of Windows 10 users have Windows Hello available to use it.

To use the PIN or image authentication systems we don't need anything else. However, if we want to use the other biometric authentication systems, it is necessary to have additional hardware. For example, to unlock our computer with the fingerprint we must have a fingerprint reader. Modern laptops usually have one included by default. But if we do not have one installed, we can buy it at a reasonable price.

Likewise, if we want to use facial recognition, we will need a webcam that supports this function. Not all laptop cameras work, since for the detection to be accurate and reliable, we need the camera to have an infrared system. These cameras are somewhat more expensive than the fingerprint reader, although some relatively new laptops already bring a camera on the screen that supports this technology.

How can GoTrust ID help you?

GoTrustID Inc (GoTrust) is a world leader in password-free user identity from the phone and the computer to the cloud. The latest range of products, ‘GoTrust ID’ makes Users’ phones the unique authenticator (key) for their entire digital domain including hundreds of enterprise SaaS (Software as a Service, also known as Cloud APPs), Windows, and Mac Laptops, and 99% of mobile phones.

GoTrust ID is a FIDO Token Company that allows employees to access their computer and cloud without passwords leveraging any or all of these three items. In fact, it is the only company capable of implementing a FIDO token into an employee badge. GoTrust utilizes the User’s phone as their password-less authenticator reinforced by their fingerprint or facial biometrics. In addition to the phone as the User’s authenticator,




Individuals around the world face troubles like safety being shattered, losing the credit card, information from the ID number being leaked, or a password being compromised. Any of these can result in the theft of your personal information. Passwords are required to be longer and more complex making them extremely difficult to manage. To help customers GoTrust ID offers you password-less logins.


For Individual

GoTrust ID offers two options, fast mode and trust mode. Fast mode offline login using Bluetooth from an individual’s phone when within one meter of his laptop. Trust mode when in a public place with an extra measure of biometric security technology added. Biometrics makes it more secure to verify “it is you”. The phone itself is a security key that can be used instead of a FIDO key to secure login to a variety of cloud services GoTrust ID has Windows Hello and FIDO certifications allowing you to manage your passwords easily and securely. So, say goodbye to passwords because with GoTrust ID and your phone “ID is ME”

For Business

GoTrust ID Business is a highly secure and easy to use phone authenticator which manages users’ identities across the organization utilizing their phones as the protected repository for password-less login to their computers and web services. The key features of GoTrust ID Business are allowing corporate users 100% verification to log in anywhere, anytime subject to corporate security policy. Say Goodbye to passwords and one-time code. GoTrust ID Business is compliant with FIDO (Fast Identity Online) protocol and can plug into Microsoft AD and Azure AD environment immediately.


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