Get started with GoTrust ID

Learn how to install the GoTrust ID apps, create an account, pairing with your phone and start a new login experience, and more.

Simple 4 steps to set up GoTrust ID

GoTrust ID keeps you safe online 


Get the apps

GoTrust ID is available on all your devices, choose your device on below icon and click it to download.

For Computer





For Mobile Device






Create  An Account

You can sign up an account on GoTrust ID mobile APP.

There are two ways, please check below.

  1. You can use your Google Account to sign in to third-party sites and apps. You won't have to remember individual usernames and passwords for each account.

  2. Platform sign up: Your most commonly used email account and input your password (must be minimum 8 characters).

When you successful sign up, you’ll get a welcome email from GoTrust ID. Click “Let’s get started” to continue to install another GoTrust ID application version for the computer. Please make sure download the application on the computer that you're gonna to be paired. 


Pairing With Computer

Explore the new login experience!

When it's all set, that's got started to pairing your mobile phone and computers by following Instruction.

  1. Open GoTrust ID application on both your mobile phone and computer.

  2. Before you start, make sure Bluetooth already turns on.

  3. Click "Pair with new laptop" on phone to start pairing.

  4. When two devices link successfully, the computer will show a list of some phone device, and choose your phone on it.

  5. Enter your PIN(Windows) or Admin password(macOS)

  6. Pairing successfully.

alert_001_bussiness successfully_3x.png


Phone unlock computer 

Explore the new login experience

After pairing success, you can log out the computer, and use the phone to unlock it without a password.



Trust Mode vs Fast Mode

The key difference is trust mode enables fingerprint, face or iris recognition on your phone to verify it is you before login your computer.

detail_001_fast mode_3x.png
detail_002_trust mode_3x.png


Upgrade To Premium

Premium version adds all of the extra GoTrust ID features listed below. You can have a 14 days trial to evaluate them.

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 10.18.30
Card for Acer-07.png