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Work from Home made SAFE

Many home/personal PC and laptops only use simple passwords for login. If you are now doing business for an employer or yourself you should wonder if that is sufficient. For many years Users and IT departments have hated just passwords because to be effective they must be like thrilling underwear, exotic and changed often. Changing complex passwords on a regular basis is a nightmare for users. Enter the FIDO Alliance, an open industry association with the mission to make the world secure and password free. Companies with FIDO certified applications include Bank of America, Dropbox, eBay, Facebook, GitHub, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Salesforce and Target. Their online services are able to use Security Keys to provide login security when people work in the office or at home using any device (PC, MAC, laptop or tablet - some keys even work with smart phones). Every Google and Facebook employee is using a USB Security Key to protect their daily login. There are millions of users using Security Key to protect their online accounts today; most of them protect corporate data. But the same technology can protect your identity and personal data. The adoption is much easier and less expensive than you imagine. The products you need to secure your home office are available on Amazon today.

GoTrustID products that provide immediate at home security.

A keyring dongle, a badge card and a phone authenticator that make your everyday items into your security keys.

  1. The Phone Authenticator. This unique smart phone APP turns your phone into a myriad of authentication solutions. Login to your Windows or Mac PC or laptop as you walk towards it or for greater security use your phones biometric option to certify it is you with your phone. This is a Microsoft certified product with all encryption algorithms NIST compliant. It does password free login to the most popular APPs like Dropbox OneDrive and Windows Hello. It can unlock your laptop in the world’s most remote locations as neither Wi-Fi nor telephone service is required for BLE passwordless login. For corporate clients a plugin is available for Microsoft AD and Office 365. A free download of the passwordless phone login for PC or MAC is included on this site: Download the APP and your home computer can be secured tonight. More comprehensive features are available at a charge, but free may be all you need!

  2. USB/NFC Security Key (Idem Key). Do you want to have definitive security for your AWS, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, GitHub, Dropbox, Box and Twitter accounts? The Security Key will be your best choice and highly recommend by Google. NFC communication for mobile phone login or access control is included. What’s more the key is 100% water proof for people who live in Seattle or London. Available on Amazon for $22. > Buy Now

  3. BLE Badge Security Key (Idem Card). This is another unique and US patented Security Key. An ID badge that is also a smart card with passwordless login providing a two factor option for AWS, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, GitHub, Dropbox, Box and Twitter using BLE communication to any user device. Can also be an access control key using NFC and yet it is still only the thickness of a credit card. Also logs in to applications running on your phone. Available on Amazon for $60 with free shipping in the US. > Buy Now

All three options are FIDO certified. Learn more about FIDO at


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