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How Google stopped their employees being phished

Since mid-2017 not one of Google’s over 85,000 employees has been successfully phished on their Google work accounts. All because that’s when Google enforced 2-step-verification by using USB Security Keys for daily account login.

These security keys provide two factor authentication (2FA) by being attached to the user’s PC or MAC device and then being touched by the user. When activated the security keys uses a FIDO protocol to log into the chosen application so there is nothing left to phish!

Working with the FIDO alliance many of the most popular sites like Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub, Google and Salesforce support Security Keys based on 2FA.

GoTrustID has a USB Idem security key that is better than the conventional ones. It has USB connectivity but it also has NFC capability for logging in on NFC enabled smart phones. It is tamper proof, water resistant and costs the same as a competitor’s basic model. Ideal for individuals or organizations especially those with work at home staff.

Idem Key also has a plus version with added support for conventional PKI features.

If you want to move into a different league then try the GoTrustID Idem Card this unique, US patented “Touch ‘n Secure” Security Key has Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity for 2FA to a wide range of Windows, Android, Mac and iOS devices. It is doubles an ID badge the size and thickness of a smart card. Can also be an access control key using NFC.

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