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1.1 Turning Power ON/OFF

1.1 Turning Power ON/OFF


Power ON

Touch the dark-blue area, and the blue light will be on

Power OFF

Touch the dark-blue area and keep touching for 9 seconds, Idem Card will be powered off​

1.2 Charging 

1.2 Charging 


Idem Card can be charged by Idem Card charger. Attach charger to conventional 5V power adapter and insert Idem Card into the charger. ​ The green light and red light of Idem Card will be both on during charging. ​ When Idem Card is charged to full, green light will be on and red light will be off


1.3 Touch Behavior


Power on Idem Card

A simple one-touch to power on Idem Card when Idem Card is OFF 

Enter pairing mode

Touch the dark-blue area and keep touching for 3 seconds, and Idem Card will enter pairing mode

Power OFF

Power OFF under pairing mode​ When Idem Card enters pairing mode, touch the dark-blue area and keep touching for 6 seconds and Idem Card will be powered off​

Powers OFF Idem Card

Touch the dark-blue area and keep touching for 9 seconds, and Idem Card will be powered off

img_light – 2.png
img_light – 1.png
img_light – 3.png

1.4 LED Status Indicator

img_light – 5.png

There are 3 colors of LED indicator to present the status of Idem Card. 

img_light – 4.png

Bluetooth paring mode

Flashing every 0.3 seconds.

img_light – 4.png

BLE data transmission

Flashing every 0.1 seconds.

img_light – 6.png

Idem Card is powered on and not doing any action.

Blue LED is always ON.  


Idem Card is fully charged to 100%. 

Pairing is complete.

The battery is running out of power.

2.1 How to use for FIDO supported application

Idem Card can be used as a FIDO2 and U2F token on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.  

Idem card supports both FIDO2 and U2F. Many web services start to support FIDO2 Webauthn API and will replace U2F.  

  • System Requirement

Windows 10 Version 1903 or later


2.1.1 Pair Bluetooth device in Windows

To use BLE (Bluetooth) interface of Idem Card on Windows, user needs to pair Idem Card in system settings.  

Step 1

Go to Notifications-right click Bluetooth icon-Go to settings

IC_guide_u2f setting_1.jpg

Step 2

Go to “Bluetooth & other devices” of Settings. And click “Add Bluetooth or other device”

IC_guide_u2f setting_2.jpg

Step 3

FIDO2 PIN is optional and it is web service dependent, e.g. Microsoft account requires using FIDO2 PIN as mandatory.

ic_guide_u2f setting_4.jpg

Touch Idem Card to power on it and keep touching 5 seconds.

Idem Card will enter pairing mode and you’ll see Idem Card device showed in the screen of “Add a device”.  

Step 4

Enter pairing code which is showed at back of Idem Card.  

IC_guide_u2f setting_5.jpg

Step 5

Paired successfully.

IC_guide_u2f setting_5.jpg

2.1.2 Manage Idem Card in Windows 

Step 1

Go to “Settings” → “Accounts” → “Sign-in options” and find the button “Manage” of “Security Key”. 

IC_guide_u2f setting_1.jpg

Step 2

Touch to power on Idem Card when the following dialog is popped up. 

ic_guide_u2f setting_2.jpg

Step 3

New (Add) Security Key PIN.

IC_guide_u2f setting_3.jpg

2.1.3 Idem Card as FIDO2 Authenticator for Web Apps on Windows

FIDO2 Webauthn API is already fully supported on Windows. Table below is the FIDO2 support matrix. There’re web apps which can use Idem Card as FIDO2 authenticator over BLE/NFC interface on Windows and FIDO2 BLE/NFC interface (CTAP2 BLE/NFC) is not enabled in macOS.  


You will be directed to the selected application’s site to see the instruction.

cloud service icon – microsoft – 1.jpg
cloud service icon - dropbox.jpg

2.2 How to use for Computer login

Step 1. Get the Apps

GoTrust ID is available for macOS and Windows. Click icon below to download.

windows 10.png

Step 2. Pair with Computer

When GoTrust ID app on your computer is installed, you can start to pair your Idem Card and computer by following Instructions.


  1. Open GoTrust ID application on the computer.

  2. Before you start, make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

  3. On Windows computer, if you do not enable Windows Hello PIN before (it’s different from Security Key PIN), you need to set it up.
    You can find the configuration in System Settings->Sign-in Options -> Windows Hello PIN


  4. Click "START" on computer to start pairing.

  5. Touch your Idem Card and keep touching for 3 seconds till Blue LED flashing to enter pairing mode.

  6. When two devices link successfully, the computer will show a list of available devices, and choose your Idem Card on it.

  7. Enter BLE pairing code showed on the backside of Idem Card.

  8. Enter your Windows Hello PIN or Admin password (macOS).

  9. Pairing successfully.

螢幕快照 2020-02-05 上午11.36.13.png

Step 3. Use Idem Card to Log in Computer

Explore the new login experience!

​After pairing success, you can log out the computer, and use Idem Card to unlock it without a password.

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