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Commercial Terms

Applicable from: 26th November 2018


These “Commercial Terms” apply to our commercial transactions with you, including your purchase of any Paid Service from us. We refer to any service for which we charge a fee, including GoTrust ID Premium service (Trust Mode), as a “Paid Service.” You should carefully read through these Commercial Terms to understand your rights and responsibilities, as these Commercial Terms constitute a contract between you and GoTrustID Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “GOTRUST”) from which you are purchasing the Paid Service (we refer to these collectively as a “Commercial Transaction”). By purchasing a Paid Service, you agree to be legally bound by these Commercial Terms. 

If you do not agree to the Commercial Terms, then you can decide NOT to complete a Commercial Transaction.

You agree to receive electronically all communications, agreements, and notices that we provide in connection with any GOTRUST product or service (“Communications”), including by e-mail, in-app notifications, or by posting them on the GOTRUST website or through any GOTRUST service or product. You agree that all Communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

We may update these Commercial Terms from time to time. Please be sure to review these Commercial Terms before you finalize any Commercial Transaction.


  1. Payment of Fees, taxes

When you elect to purchase a Paid Service from us, you agree that: (i) you will fulfill your obligation to pay for the Paid Service by the date on which payment is due; (ii) any payment information you provide is true and accurate; (iii) you are authorized to use the payment method you provide; (iv) we are authorized to charge you for the Paid Service as of the applicable date for payment using your established payment method in ‘iTune and App Store’ or ‘Google Play’ (each, an “Accepted Payment Method”). Your assurances of payment and our rights to collect payment include any obligation you may have to pay any taxes or delivery charges described as being applicable to the product or service you are buying. In addition, you agree that you will be responsible for any credit card chargeback fees as well as any reasonable collection costs we incur as a result of your failure to pay on a timely basis.

You agree to pay the charges for the Paid Service in the currency specified by GOTRUST when you enter into the Commercial Transaction, and you assume all risks associated with any changing value in the currency compared with other currencies. The specified charge for a Paid Service are VAT-inclusive and may include certain other taxes or similar charges applicable to your purchase. If any tax or charge applicable to a purchase is not charged by us, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for paying the tax or other such charges. 


2.Changes in Fees

We may change the price of any Paid Service from time to time, and add new fees and charges for certain features or to reflect a change in business or legal rules, but we will provide you with advance notice of changes in recurring subscription fees. Any increase in charges for the same Paid Service would not apply until the expiration of your then-current billing cycle, unless otherwise specifically provided in our notice to you, and would become effective no sooner than the next time you would be charged for that Paid Service. If you do not agree to pay the new price or other applicable charges, you may elect not to renew the Paid Service subscription before the price change goes into effect, which cancellation would be effective at the expiration of your then-current billing cycle. See “How do I cancel my subscription” in the FAQ to cancel a Paid Service subscription.



If you are taking part in any trial period offer that enables you to use a Paid Service without charge, and that trial period converts into a Paid Service upon the expiration of the trial period, you must cancel the Paid Service prior to the end of the trial period in order to avoid incurring the charges for the Paid Service.

Our Paid Service using your Accepted Payment Method, subject to the procedures and rules contained in these Commercial Terms and any applicable contract with Google or Apple. When you purchase with an Accepted Payment Method, the fees for your Paid Service will be billed on or near the date of your purchase. Our Paid Service subscription renews automatically, such as monthly or annually, you agree that we may process your Accepted Payment Method on each monthly, annual or other renewal terms (based on the applicable billing cycle), on or near the calendar day corresponding to the commencement of your Paid Service subscription, as applicable. 


4.Cancellation of a Paid Service Subscription

You may cancel a Paid Service at any time. Any cancellation of a Paid Service will be effective as of the end of the then-current billing period.

Payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds or credits for any partial-month periods. 

See “How do I cancel my subscription” in the FAQ to cancel a Paid Service subscription.


5.Applicable law

The laws of the State of California govern the interpretation of these Commercial Terms and applies to claims for breach it, regardless of conflict of laws principles. 


6.Governing language

In the event of a conflict, the English language version shall govern.

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